CPO 365: What's in the box?

When a sailor is about to become a Chief Petty Officer, he or she must go through CPO 365 training.  It is during this training they receive a mysterious box that they tell no one of the contents.  What’s inside?  Is it a book… a bottle of whiskey… or is it a severed head? I investigated to find out.

Originally aired locally on American Forces Network, Iwakuni, and made for the United States Marine Corps.

PCSing and Pets

What happens when it’s “too expensive” to bring a pet dog home from Japan?  The short and terrible answer: often nothing good.  Thankfully for one kuni-dog, Ace, he finally found a fur-ever home.

Story originally aired on American Forces Network Iwakuni.

Retiring the colors

In a small room where no one can see them, 2 Marines and 2 Japanese Self-Defense Force personnel fold the American and Japanese flags each evening with the utmost respect.

Story originally appeared on the American Forces Network.


We all know what a “blackout” is so… what’s a greenout?  AFN Iwakuni’s Sgt Jonathon House finds out.

Originally aired on American Forces Network television.