Danny's Story: The identity behind a name

I went to the Copley Square to cover an impromptu protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration/refugee ban of 7 Muslim countries. What I found was a former refugee, wearing a Red Sox coat and holding up the Iraqi flag.  He’s a member of the triple hyphenated crowd, a Mandaean-Iraqi-American, who came to this country having already had 2 names and he would go on to have 2 more.  This is his story.

Comedy: Beyond the Thunderbar

At the Thunderbar in Allston (outside of Boston) is a basement comedy club that comedians go to. Originally airing on 88.9 WERS, this story looks at Boston’s comedy scene through the eyes of veteran funnyman Owen Linders, who created a space for new and old comics alike to experiment with genius and flirt with disaster.